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July 2nd, 2009

  • YIKES! I’ve been too busy to Twitter. This week was MONSTER FULL… here goes… #
  • …tue, Oliver Wyman credit crunch/risk/regulation conference 2 days. I hosted drinks in garden then dinner. Senior risk management folk… #
  • …from maj banks AND leading academics from USA. VERY interesting and high powered. John chaired it all. Very successful. #
  • …tue, Oliver Wyman credit crunch/risk/regulation conference 2 days. I hosted drinks in garden then dinner. Senior risk management folk… #
  • …wed, meeting for Nigel Brown’s Stradivarius group at Queens’ to set prog for maj concert (Nigel Kenedy. Natalie Klein et al.) #
  • .. Followed by HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL and uplifting Voices Fundation Board meeting. We are doing fabulously well. PRIDE 🙂 #
  • …thurs, ARTSWORKS meeting Board in London. Again, very successful. My, we are FORTUNATE to have such a talented Board. Exciting plans. … #
  • … Followed by Leonie’s 50th birthday dinner at club in Covent Garden. WHAT a stunningly accomplished and LOVELY group of women!.. #
  • …made several NEW FRIENDS, including new Head of Music at BBC, editor of Radio Times (soon to become editor of Readers Digest) and 5 o … #
  • mplished! #
  • …during dinner we heard VERY EARLY, ie 9.30pm, (due to our Press contacts!) of Michael Jackson’s death.. #
  • .. Thurs, degree day at Queens!. Hosted all grads and their parents in the Lodge. I now know why the Queen wears gloves! … #
  • …hand gets STICKY when shaken by 350 hands! But I LOVE it. #
  • ..Sat, John’s finance research group (CERF) BBQ and bouncy castle party in our garden. Glorious sunny, hot day. I adore the children, #
  • … Sunday was THE PERFECT day. Actually PARADISE.. #
  • ..glorious Sunday lunch in president’s garden. Jean Galitzine, Robin Hart, David Daniels. Then late afternoon punt past King’s etc. #
  • … Believe me when I say it was perfection. CHRIST we’re LUCKY! #
  • Monday, Voce meeting with SENIOR MANAGEMENT to brainstorm next 18 months. Lots of ideas, plans and suggestions. #
  • ..Voce rehearsal showed promise. Long way to go. But we’ll GET THERE. We always do. Must send nagging/inspiring email #
  • Tue. Visit my darling sister in Roehampton, then to Cambridge for FILMING with BBC 4 We are doing a prog. How a choir Works. #
  • …Please followers, look out for it in Oct. It is to supplement The Choir SERIES 3 on BBC 2. I was brillint, by the way 🙂 #
  • tue 1st July MY BIRTHDAY. To Glyndebourne to see a glorious and very funny Falstaff. Excellent direction.. #
  • .. Oh BOY was I spoilt! 🙂 deservedly so, obviously #
  • TODAY! To Hampshire for the day to work with 50 Primary Head teachers. I was the STAR TURN and inspired everyone brilliantly. 🙂 #
  • Now to dinner with Ralph Allwood and Gareth Malone of The Choir at Athaneum Club. #
  • My friend Natalia has just been appointed Prof of conducting at The Royal College of Music. Sensational. #
  • Ps. One of the Heads today said ‘you have changed my life’. Result 🙂 #

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