Today’s Tweets

March 22nd, 2012

  • Reasonable Voce rehearsal tonight. Going to be outstanding (31st March)- Martin Mass and Brumel 12-part Earthquake Mass. Much to achieve #
  • Lord Sainsbury installed today as Chancelor at a wonderful ceremony at Senate House. Fatastic A Goehr anthem. Orator excelled too! #
  • Just back from a giving presentation about my work at The Leys School. Great students. Loved it… #
  • John in London preparing budget speech for 5-hour Lords debate tomorrow. Tough one… #
  • Very pleased with my ipad 'keynote' presentation. Lots of creative visual stuff- with animations. Took several hours, but fun. #
  • Yes- it was a great pleasure. I'd love to come back and work with your choirs… #
  • It is, sadly, highly representative! #

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