Today’s Tweets

June 23rd, 2009

  • Sat night alumni feast at which Chapel choir sang superbly and Fellows choir sang (slightly underpowered- but intrepid!) #
  • Queens’ choir sang superbly at Sunday’s COMMEMORATION OF BENEFACTORS service. Alex Breedon’s last service. He got a 1st in History:) #
  • …what a legend. Organ scholar here at Queens’, organising, training and conducting the choir, stunning cellist and he gets a 1st in HI … #
  • … Vintage Queens’. I gave a little speech and a garden lunch for Alex and the choir. We also held a drinks party in Long Gallery for 5 … #
  • Queens’ Chapel choir recorded a cd this weekend. Quite a good result. Let me know if you want a copy! #
  • Yesterday was spent to Voce. Lots of plans afoot! Meeting with Mark de Lisser to discuss our joint NEO GOSPEL concert in Oct. Then GREAT … #
  • Get NEO GOSPEL in your diaries! Oct 24th in London. Voce with ACM Gospel choir. Gospel, Swing, Blues and Jazz. Yippee! #
  • Mike Brewer’s Francophone piece I commissioned sounds fantastic. Learnt it with Voce last night. Hope you’re all coming 12th July 🙂 #

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