Today’s Tweets

June 20th, 2009

  • Last night we hosted a party in London last night for DOROTHY ZINBERG for her UK friends. Very interesting, colourful and distinguished lot! #
  • THAT was after an excellent catch up lunch with Nicola, my Voices Foundation CEO. We are doing FABULOUSLY WELL. See our website! #
  • Today. Finishing touches to our beautiful new TERRACE. Bliss. Dropped in on Chapel Choir recording… #
  • … Followers-
    Let me know if you want a cd when it’s ready. It’ll be good. #
  • .. Then dropped in on BATS SHAKESPEARE play in our tudor cloister court. Wonderful. AND our DEGREE RESULTS are good… #
  • .. Our organ scholar Alex got a FIRST in History in addition to everything else he’s achieved. What a STAR. That’s Queens’ for you! #

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