Today’s Tweets

December 21st, 2011

  • Sat in the chamber in the House of Lords yesterday admiring John's handling of the state sector pensions and new insurance Bills. #
  • Very nice party last night with old friends and dinner with Beloved Godfather. Planning our imminent trip to Hong Kong to raise funds & … #
  • Shopping and wrapping (my Japanese heritage makes this a major artform for me) done! Gets better each year. Never used to shop before Ch … #
  • ….before Christmas Eve! #
  • Having a party in Hong Kong (China Club) for friends and for Queens'. A post xmas week of sun in Phuket to prep the suntan first- first … #
  • …first holiday all year! #
  • I'm so happy for my FRIEND and colleague Gareth Malone and Paul M re the Xmas No 1 (certainly!). They are EVERYWHERE today. #

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