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May 7th, 2010

  • So last few days;60 for lunch on Sat (for Nigel on becoming Cambrdge High Sheriff), 80 students for brunch Sunday -to fortify them for … #
  • Last night hosted party for James Bowman after his recital in Old Hall.All much appreciated.One of those events which leave me
    In love w … #
  • Voted Labour today in Cambridge. Then to London for meetings. ARK and my new Matthew Passion Project – building future audiences!! #
  • Hung Parliament? Lab/Lib pact?? Exciting #
  • Always thought there would be clear Tory majority but – oh so tantalising…….. #
  • Ok. Big majority for Conservatives. That's my prediction at 11.30pm!! #
  • Wow. Inredible result. Lib/lab pact would be excellent. Would love to see a total head count of votes Nation-wide #
  • Conservative min Govt. Another General election soon but Gordon must get out and let a Milliband stand. VoilГѓВ ! #
  • Lib/con pact. New labour leader ready for next time after this lot become unelectable. wonder if Libs will get DCMS?! #

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