Today’s Tweets

May 27th, 2009

  • Pavia is a Medieval University town south of Milan. John is here lecturing. I was very proud of him today. Brilliant. #
  • It’s unseasonally hot here. 35%! #
  • Brilliant hot sunshine here in Pavia! It is called THE ITALIAN CAMBRIDGE. Because of the colleges. #
  • We lunched at high table yesterday. The music director, Giulio Prandi is amazing. An extraordinary prog of concerts #
  • ‘our’ college, where we are staying in a HUGE suite, is GHISLIERI. There is a top notch pro choir and ‘amateur’ college choir. #
  • He specialises in 18th century Italian choral music. He will email me some Perti. I will arrange exchange prog! #
  • Last night’s dinner in local osteria Gianni Vaggi we gossipped about Sraffa and Chomsky and high table at Trinity College in THOSE DAYS #

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