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February 24th, 2010

  • Gosh.So much happens every day these days-don't know where to start!Just depped for Gareth Malone in Watford.170 singers.FUN. #
  • Launching my charityBuilding YoungAudiences.Already few sponsors for my marathon.Will sing through Matthew Passion 2 x whilst running a … #
  • get byNov '11. #
  • Excellent Queens'Creative Arts Committee meeting today.Student reps alongside Fellows. Wow. Queens' is buzzing.Such energy, talent,comm … #
  • ..followed by masterclass in Long Gallery-Harpsichord tuning and playing.Also fixed for PenMassala acappella choir to perf.13/3.COME!Qu … #
  • Missed Fellows choir tonight as depping for Gareth.Madeleine, Queens' fab MD,depped for me. Gearing up for CLASH OF THE CHOIRS. 5/13. #
  • Patch William is going into orbit.Signing with Crysalis label.Tonight they did open session to sell-out crowd at the Apple Store. Ali,ex … #
  • ck forRandR. #
  • Ed Watkins depped for me at Voce rehearsal so I could administer to aforementioned rock star.Prep going well for 21/3 Italian concert.CO … #
  • #
  • Oh,and spent an evening with the very impressive chief exec of Olympic Organising Committee.He asks me to talk to them about SINGING.Ast … #
  • John spoke today in House of Lords on,I guess, banking regulation? Anyone hear it? He is quite fantastic, that man! #
  • So,in an orgy of tweeting,I have covered SOME the last 36 hours whilst in the back of limo returning to Cambridge… Listening to George … #
  • Silly me.Fellows choir TOMORROW,not tonight.I have sectional rehearsal in London.Madeleine depping. John and Ali stuck on train.Another … #

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