Today’s Tweets

May 24th, 2009

  • Lars von Trier’s Antichrist? Dying to see it. Where’s it on? He is the greatest movie genius since BERGMAN #
  • He is the Kurtag of modern cinema. #
  • He is the Lucian Freud of modern cinema. #
  • Hooray. The 2 gardens I liked best at Chelsea won!: Laurent-Perrier and Daily Telegraph #
  • It is clear to me we are living the DECLINE OF THE WESTERN EMPIRE. A world re order will emerge. #
  • Symptoms. 1. Collapse of economy 2. Sexual excess and general decadence. 3. Fundamentalism… #
  • ..4. Collapse of UK political system 5. Social regression (tribalism- football culture AND collective hatred – witch hunting of politici … #
  • Oh, and disease fostered by long term human intervention. #
  • This Twitter is off the cuff stuff which I’m going to collate and develop into weekly blog. Bon idea? #
  • Sitting in ultimate garden, looking at ultimate medieval Lodge (our home), happy punting sounds in one ear.. #
  • …organ music from the Chapel in the other ear. Brilliant hot sun and light English breeze.. #
  • ..few could refute that I am the luckiest, happiest person on this PLANET #
  • ..despite our civilisation being in decline. I’m going shopping #

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