Today’s Tweets

May 18th, 2009

  • Sat night concert for Music in Country Churches at STUNNING Winchcombe in Gloucestershire… #
  • …I am a trustee. Our wonderful patron, Prince Charles attended. I presented Ed and Jess. Chatted about lots. He is fantastic. How luck … #
  • …buffet dinner. Sat bet Rev John Partington (witty! Ex Peterhouse) and Pol Roger boss. So proud of Ed and Jess and John! #
  • … I am commissioning website for Music in Country Churches. CHECK IT OUT and support us please 🙂 #
  • ..Also met and bonded with Manon, Ffion’s sister, our Patron’s private sec. Great girl! #
  • Sunday BREAKFAST with Ed and Jess drive back from Cotswalds. BRUNCH with 150 finals students. CARNIVEROUS! #
  • Stayed at over expensive but rather naff (beautiful Cotswalds hotels should never try to be “uber cool”) #
  • Maybe I will stand for Paul Judge’s party!! Parliament is F****D 🙂 #
  • Off now to see the Chelsea flower show (and the QUEEN! :)) #
  • Chapel last night- Dame Sarah preaching (ex UK Head of Nursing) DRINKS with US economist friends. Formal Hall #

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