Today’s Tweets

December 3rd, 2009

  • Last night John and I guest speakers at separate events.Me at Music in Offices,John at Weavers' in City.I got my lot singing in 7 parts! #
  • Good Voce concert tonight at St Paul's for Prostate cancer. Very nice occasion and Voce did me proud. #
  • What a spectacular building Norton Rose has. Went to present Artsworks this morning. Best ever view of London #
  • Relentless days ahead.Heads presentation and concert tomorrow.Fri,host recital/dinner in Lodge.Sat,NEW YORK! #
  • Wow.OurLady of Delours primary school,W2What a sensational State Primary.Just launched Voices Foundation/BACH CHOIRproject. #
  • Chris Bryant, the Foreign Office Minister is EXCELLENT #

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