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May 16th, 2009

  • Very special cello recital in Trinity Chapel last night. Natalie Clein played 2 bach suites AND THE AMAZING,.. #
  • .. Kodaly cello sonata. WHAT A SEMINAL WORK and experience for us. A little inter-regnum for Ali’s finals MACRO ECONOMICS study #
  • All yesterday was the Queens’ part of House and Garden shoot on my lifestyle. It’s set to be 10-page spread in Sept issue. #
  • ..they (brilliant photographer Rory, outstanding writer Virginia Fraser) did superb job. Very full-on day, incl. Chapel choir etc… #
  • .. Trying to cover many aspects of my life here in this divine place. #
  • My John says he’s very uxorious, which makes me very happy 🙂 #
  • Oh. I didn’t mention our event at the Russian Embassy on Thurs, preceded by an excellent and reassuring meeting at ARK. #
  • A LOT OF FRIENDS at Russian Embassy for 10th anniversary of my beloved friend, Jean Galitzine’s Galitzine Library in St. Petersburg… #
  • Please – all my followers- become Friends by giving £1 a week to the library. It is wonderful and very important. Let me know if I and HELP #
  • We are in the Cotswalds on the way to something special… #

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