Today’s Tweets

October 24th, 2009

  • Dinner tonight with Michael White, the political journalist. We covered A GREAT DEAL. I made excellent dinner! #
  • Earlier Chapel choir to Lodge to listen to my latest Voce recording(1st edit-EXCELLENT)of IntoThyHands by Dove… #
  • …we are performing it for the Bowett memorial service. I am conducting. I love the kids in Chapel Choir – old and new. Wonderful. #
  • Last night we hosted kitchen dinner for 6 Fellows/Spouces. Such an enjoyable evening. Lovely,lovely and interesting people. #
  • Did all my programming and organising for Christmas concerts. On-line photo book for Melvyn. Hundreds of emails. #
  • Most IMPORTANT, tracking PATCH WILLIAM's extraordinary progress today. Wow! Already in top 80 world wide. FIRST DAY! #

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