Today’s Tweets

September 25th, 2009

  • I love having a rock star daughter! London flat permeated by bass guitar, electric cello over backing track and her lovely vocals … #
  • … THE place to be TONIGHT is The Troubadour Old Brompton Rd. PATCH WILLIAM is playing at 9.30 #
  • Hosted the Classic FM's Chairman Ralph Bernard's box at Royal Albert Hall for Classic FM LIVE bonanza… #
  • … Extraordinary event. Fireworks and all. Very proud. (john is Chair of consumer panel!). Our guests interesting assortment MPs etc #
  • Ed's graduation (M Eng) at Oxford today was wonderful. I felt very emotional. Excellent lunch at The Old Parsonage. Best hamburger EVER. #
  • Back to Cambridge for rehearsal for tomorrow's all-day recording session in Queens' Chapel. We are feeding all Voce lasagna and apple pi … #

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