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The best choral music for Easter


March 29th, 2017

For hundreds of years, composers have been inspired by the Easter story to write some of the most beautiful and heart-rending classical music ever created. We asked some of Britain’s top choral conductors to choose their favourite choral works… Keep reading

Refuge from the Flames CD review – ORA hit stratospheric notes, right and ‘wrong’


October 31st, 2016

This second disc by high-class chamber-choir newcomers Ora draws together a varied but effortlessly coherent programme around Psalm 50 – the Miserere – and the writings of Savonarola, the 15th-century Florentine priest and reformer burnt for heresy. If the choir’s version of the Allegri Miserere sounds slightly unfamiliar, that’s because Ora use for the first few verses a new edition correcting a supposed transcription error… Keep reading at

Suzi Digby as Published in Choral Directions 2016, Choir & Organ. (C) Rhinegold Publishing Ltd 2016. Used by permission.


October 7th, 2016

Top Gear
Energy and drive characterise Suzi Digby’s approach to choral music – and Andrew Stewart detects no sign of her stepping on the brakes

Youthful spirits
There are probably more opportunities now for young people to sing in a choir than at any other time in our history. Suzi Digby talks to Andrew Stewart about the Voices Foundation

Published in Choral Directions 2016, Choir & Organ. (C) Rhinegold Publishing Ltd 2016. Used by permission.

Latest Publication


September 7th, 2016


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Fan Community Q&A Excerpt with Suzi Digby


July 7th, 2016

The Duran Duran Fan Community website did a great Q&A with OBE Suzi Digby, who worked with the band on all the PAPER GODS choral arrangements. Read more at

Suzi Digby – The Secret Power of Music


April 21st, 2016

ORA on NPR: the USA’s National Public Radio


March 10th, 2016

You might call it old wine in new bottles, but what sweet, masterfully crafted wine it is. Upheld by Stillness, the debut album by the young and vibrant British a cappella choir ORA, presents a contemporary twist on a 16th-century classic.

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Why do kids need classical music for emotional growth and wellbeing?


March 7th, 2016

Find out over at the Hippocratic Post

ORA Singers & Suzi Digby OBE


February 16th, 2016

Ora Singers, lead by Suzi Digby OBE, has just released their first stunning album.

Read what the press are saying here.

Upheld by Stillness, Renaissance Gems and their Reflections by ORA
Buy it now – iTunes | Amazon

Suzi Digby’s Singing4Success, teaching bankers to sing in two hours


June 23rd, 2015

See the latest video of Suzi Digby’s Singing4Success. Teaching bankers to sing in two hours.

From the CEO:

Suzi, her conductors and musicians performed a miracle for us when they brought together three choirs of 60 colleagues and in under two hours coached them in three sung and danced medleys of Abba, the Beatles and Gangnam Style before an audience of 2,500. Suzi and team turned up the emotional pitch and united us all. It was an extraordinary moment. As for the singers, they bonded with colleagues they didn’t know, achieved something they knew nothing of when they awoke that morning and of which most did not think themselves remotely capable. For them it was a transformative experience.